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Hands up if you rolled your eyes at Arsenal drawing Olympiacos in the Europa League Round of 16. Go on.

Quite a lot of you. That’s fine. Not me though. While I’d definitely have preferred a different ‘foreign’ team, I’m quite happy with this. We get to see our old pal Sokratis again, we have home advantage in both legs (that’s just a little joke about the last game), and we avoided the nightmare scenario of three North London derbies in eight days.

We go to Athens on March 11th. On March 14th we host that lot. And then on March 18th it’s the home leg against Olympiacos. Imagine if that schedule looked like:





Nobody needs that amount of Tottenham in their lives. Well, their fans do and that’s their problem, but normal people should not be exposed top such high levels of Spursiness, so I’m glad we got the Greeks. We also owe them one from last year. They came to London, beat us, gave Mikel Arteta Covid-19, and there’s been enough history down the years with them for this to verge on a grudge match.

It’s not really though. Sokratis is a nice man, and looking at their squad I can’t find anyone to be the pantomime villain. They got…