‘He’s ours’: Some Arsenal fans love what Odegaard did straight after Auba scored last night

Arsenal fans absolutely loved the emotions shown by Martin Odegaard as soon as Pierre Emerick Aubameyang grabbed a late winner last night.

Odegaard’s future at Arsenal is still not decided and it is expected to return Spain at the end of the season, but the Real Madrid loanee certainly couldn’t be accused of lacking passion.

The youngster sunk to his knees and beat the floor wildly after Aubameyang’s late header sealed Arsenal’s progress to the next round.

And Gunners fans are convinced that Odegaard’s show of emotions shows how much he has bought into the club already.

Odegaard’s celebration >>

— Renato (@rehnato) February 25, 2021

He’s ours already

— TW⭐️ (@T__Walker17) February 25, 2021

I love him

— Fredrik (@F_Edits) February 25, 2021

@savannahaliyah_ guys only been with us a month and reacts like this i wanna keep him

— becca | ❤️ (@rebecca_white8) February 25, 2021

My word I love him

— Higø (@Calcioista) February 25, 2021

Just love that from Odegaard

— Insert name here (@OliverW10) February 25, 2021

This man isn’t going back to Madrid

— Mayo (@MaynAFC) February 25, 2021

Whether Mikel Arteta has made his…