Granit Xhaka is wrong to reach out to Twitter trolls – you can’t reason with them

Granit Xhaka would be wasting his time meeting up with his online abusers because you cannot reason with some of these people.

I sympathise with him because I’ve had plenty of abuse online too. I do social media. But I don’t read it. Or I try not to. We all peek sometimes don’t we, even if we shouldn’t?

Xhaka says he wants to sit down and ask these people why they feel they can say the abusive stuff they do.

But I would like to sit down sometimes with players these days and ask them why they are on social media at all.

While I was drinking, there were certain pubs I wouldn’t go in because if I did I knew something could happen. But when you go on social media you are taking a chance too because there are so many idiots out there.

I’m someone who’s trying to turn their life around. I’ve been sober for over two years. But I still get comments about drinking, drugs and gambling – and worse.

Granit Xhaka has received abuse on social media
(Image: PA)

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I’ve detailed on today’s back page how I was attacked online by one of these people, who said things nobody should be subjected to.

I felt I had to share it with my wife and we talked about whether to report it. We chose not to but I still wonder if we made the right decision.

I decided to stay on social media. But if you’re doing it just to make money and get free stuff, and you don’t have a thick skin, you might want to think again.

No-one goes on Twitter to say anything positive about you. And while Instagram is supposed to be a nicer platform, people spoil it for the good ones who just want to see how you live.

Sometimes I think we feed these people because we put it on the news all the time. When you see it all over TV, it’s like we’re giving these people more oxygen.

Some of these people will get a rush from seeing what they’ve done all over the TV. They will be straight on the phone to their mates.