Saturday round-up: Willian, Pepe, 5 subs, social-media conspiracy theorist

Hello, and welcome to a Saturday round-up, in which I will do a round-up of some Arsenal related stories on a Saturday. The great thing about this concept is that you can do it any day of the week by simply rebranding it. For example, on a Sunday you could do a Sunday round-up and so on and so forth.

Let’s begin with Willian, a player I’m struggling with, I have to be honest. Nevertheless, Mikel Arteta seems more positive about him but acknowledged he hasn’t been brilliant, saying:

I think he started really well with his first game against Fulham, but we’ve been changing the front three, he had an injury, and he didn’t have time to train in pre-season – he was later than the others.

I can see a development in the last two games, the understanding of the things I ask them to do, it’s probably different from what he’s used to. He’s getting better and better, we all know the quality he has, and he’s a great option to have on the pitch.

I guess a manager is generally going to be positive about a player publicly, but aside from the opening day at Fulham, I’m not feeling it at all with Willian. He has plenty of experience, I know he can give the team structure,…