Over 50% of Premier League fans say they will refuse to watch a European Super League

The potential formation of a European Super League is still very much one of the biggest talking points in world football.

The idea of having Europe’s elite teams break away from their respective leagues and compete against one another has been discussed for several years.

However, it once again became a major talking point last month when it emerged that Premier League big boys Manchester United and Liverpool were in talks over the creation of the competition.

United and Liverpool’s interest in joining the breakaway league drew the ire of many, so much so we at Daily Star Sport took it upon ourselves to gauge fans’ thoughts on the matter.

Man Utd and PSG would be two teams involved in a European Super League
(Image: Icon Sport via Getty Images)

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A whopping 75 per cent of footy fans who took our survey were firmly against the formation of the European Super League, with 19 per cent of voters in favour of the idea.

When asked if they’d watch European Super League matches, 56 per cent of voters revealed they wouldn’t take in the matches – with 35 per cent of those participants adopting that stance as a protest.

Thirty-seven per cent of voters admitted they would watch ESL matches, although 27 per cent of those willing to view the games are supporters of teams likely to be in the league.

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When asked if they thought the formation of the ESL would benefit their team, 40 per cent of voters were adamant the league wouldn’t make their club better off, although 30 per cent of fans thought otherwise.

Additionally, a staggering 67 per cent of voters reckon the ESL is an inferior concept to the UEFA Champions League.