Mike Dean to ref Man Utd match on Sunday, why Arsenal fans should be worried

By Samuel   |   October 28, 2020

Mike Dean has been named as the referee for Arsenal’s Premier League game against Manchester United at the weekend and there are reasons for Arsenal’s fans to be worried.

The 52-year-old is one of flashiest refs in town and not the most popular official and Arsenal fans have every right to be worried when his stats as a ref are read out to them.

Sun Sports has made a compilation of some of his stats and it seems that Manchester United enjoys more advantages from him than the Gunners.

In his career, he has refereed 513 matches, shown 105 red cards and awarded 173 penalties.

More specific facts show that United has enjoyed 40 wins and 18 penalties in 74 matches that “Deany” has refereed with them involved.

The Arsenal numbers are 36 wins, and six penalties in 75 matches.

Dean has also refereed six Premier League games between Arsenal and United, the Red Devils have won four of them with the other two ending in draws.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men have been enjoying some good fortune when it comes to penalties being awarded in their favour and VAR decisions going their way.

Arsenal can only hope to get a fair performance from Dean next weekend.