Nicklas Bendtner exclusive interview: Arsenal regrets, hitting rock bottom and turning his life around | Football News

For the younger Nicklas Bendtner, whose hedonistic lifestyle involved going out, drinking and gambling, “from six o’clock in the evening until four in the morning” as many as five times per week, a 50-day lockdown in Copenhagen would have felt like punishment.

But when the coronavirus outbreak brought life to a temporary standstill in the Danish capital in March, Bendtner, a reformed character at the age of 32, used the downtime to reflect. Together with journalist Rune Skyum-Nielsen, he threw himself into the process of piecing together his autobiography.

“It gave us a lot of time to be able to go deep into the project without any disturbances,” Bendtner tells Sky Sports on a Zoom call. “We worked on it a lot during those 50 days. The time we put into it was many, many hours… Although it was probably a few more hours for Rune as he had to write it, whereas I just had to talk.”

Skyum-Nielsen, sitting alongside him during our call, leans into shot and interjects. “Yeah,” he says, “but you spent quite a lot of hours experiencing it.”

And what a ride it was.

From the unforgettable highs, such as coming off the bench to score the winning goal with his first…