Project Big Picture Q&A: All you need to know about the Premier League Big Six’s plans

The sports headlines over the weekend were completely dominated by news of an extraordinary proposal by Liverpool and Manchester United to overhaul the Premier League.

In collaboration with the EFL chairman Rick Parry, the top-flight’s leading clubs have drafted up plans for ‘Project Big Picture’, creating plenty of confusion and even more anger from fans and other clubs. 

Understandably, there are plenty of questions being asked about the proposals – so Sportsmail is here to answer all the big questions. Here goes… 

Liverpool (pictured) and Manchester United are behind plans for a huge top-flight shake-up

First up, the big one… what exactly is Project Big Picture? 

How do you sum this up quickly, then? Essentially, Manchester United and Liverpool are behind plans to make huge changes in English football, affecting not only the Premier League but also the EFL and below. 

It is a massive power grab designed to put all the big decisions in the hands of a select few clubs at the top of the tree. At the moment, all proposals are voted on by the 20 Premier League member clubs, but these plans will scrap that completely.

There are plans to restructure the football pyramid,…