Nicklas Bendtner says footballers PREFER sex workers over ‘civilian’ girls due to blackmail worries

‘I know about loads of incidents involving prostitutes’: Nicklas Bendtner says many footballers PREFER to hire sex workers over meeting ‘civilian’ girls because they won’t be blackmailed… and claims he had to pay for a boob job to keep his antics quiet

  • Nicklas Bendtner was a controversial footballer during his career in England 
  • The Danish striker has opened up about his off-field antics in his autobiography 
  • Bendtner admits that the use of prostitutes among footballers is common
  • The 32-year-old opened up about playing hotel sex games in a team hotel 

Nicklas Bendtner has made the shocking claim that footballers using sex workers is a ‘widespread phenomenon’ and some use prostitutes on the night before matches. 

The former Arsenal striker was a controversial figure during his time in England and was considered a ‘bad boy’ by many due to his run-ins with the law and disciplinary issues. 

In his autobiography, ‘Both Sides’, Bendtner claims that everyone in football knows somebody who has used a prostitute on nights out and that it is too risky to be involved with…