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Last week, Premier League clubs voted to approve a pay-per-view system for matches to be shown on BT Sport and Sky Sports. The price point of £14.95 per game was seen by most as too high. Remember, that £14.95 comes on top of the subscriptions you already pay to those channels.

Only one club voted against it, Leicester City. Every other club thought this was a reasonable price for fans to pay in the middle of a pandemic when so many are enduring financial hardship. One club, Manchester United, tried to leak it to the press that their caring, sharing chief executive – the queue jumper himself Ed Woodward – had serious objections to it, but he voted for it anyway. That their head of communications is a former tabloid hack is all you need to know there. Nobody was fooled.

Now, at a time when no fans are allowed into stadiums, some might say £14.95 is valuable income, replacing the revenue stream lost from season tickets. And of course it is. However many £14.95s they get will be very welcome in the accountancy departments, and I suppose we should point out that clubs will likely get a percentage of that, not the full amount, after expenses, broadcast fees, and other…