Project Big Picture Q&A: Full breakdown of Liverpool and Man Utd-led plan for Premier League

English football increasingly appears to be at a crossroads with the ongoing financial ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic bringing a significant element of uncertainty across the nation.

On Sunday, it was revealed Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group were behind a plan to bring about a major shake-up across the Football League pyramid: Project Big Picture.

The plans are wide-ranging and seek to bring about fundamental challenges across the leagues, including a reduction in the number of teams in the Premier League, increased payments to those outside the top-flight, and a change in voting rights and power within the Premier League.

The move has been driven by FSG and is said to have the backing of Manchester United’s leadership, with it expected the remaining members of the league’s ‘big six’ back the proposals.

John W Henry and Fenway executives are thought to be behind the plans

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Among the myriad of changes suggested, a scrapping of the EFL Cup – or it being removed from the fixture schedules of those clubs in European football – is on the table.

We try to get to the bottom of what these significant changes could mean for English football.

Who is behind the plan?

Liverpool’s American owners, Fenway Sports Group, are said to have authored the working document “Revitalisation”, which provides the basis of the plans.

It is said to have the support of Manchester United, with the two historic rivals the “driving force” behind the proposals.

It is expected the remaining members of the established ‘big six’ group of clubs in English football – including Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham – will give their support.

The face of the Premier League could be changed forever with the radical plans
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What changes would be made in the Premier League?

The most notable change is the reduction in teams in the…