Thoughts on the Nicklas Bendtner book/podcast/interview

Morning all, a quick Saturday round-up for you.

As an add-on to yesterday’s Arsecast with Nicklas Bendtner, I’d really recommend his interview with the always superb Donald McRae in the Guardian. The headline tells you plenty: ‘I became too fond of the lifestyle that came with the money‘.

For me, when reading the book, it was the thing that jumped out at me most. Not that it should be any surprise to anyone that he liked to party, but even so I was a bit taken aback at times at just how much alcohol was a consistent factor in his life. From an early age, as soon as the money started to come, so did the drinking, the nightclubs, the friends and the hangers-on who always float around people who are happy to spend their own money on a good time. There’s a lot of detail in the book – perhaps a bit too much for my taste about the ladies in his life but that’s just a personal thing and to be fair, it’s fairly on-brand for Bendtner.

It’s difficult to read it and not think about his career and how it played out. It’s a constant theme throughout his time at almost all the clubs he’s at. His first loan to Birmingham City, his time at Arsenal, at Sunderland, and…