Arsene Wenger transformed English football and is now trying to re-write the rules

Arsene Wenger has spent his life transforming football. Whether it be from the dugout or in his role at FIFA, the Frenchman has constantly tried to mould the game to his vision.

He changed the face of English football when he arrived in north London in 1996, implementing new training and fitness methods and an offensive, possession-based style of play that revolutionised the domestic game. 

There was also his willingness to rely on young players and a fascination with diet and nutrition that helped Arsenal win three league titles, two Doubles and seven FA Cups.

Arsene Wenger has proposed some radical changes to football’s rules in his role at FIFA

Wenger transformed English football at Arsenal and now hopes to mould the game to his vision


Throw-ins – Teams should be able to kick the ball back into play instead of throwing it back in, if they are inside their own half.

Offside – An attacker would not be offside if any part of their body with which they are allowed to score, such as a foot, head or shoulder, is in line with the penultimate defender.

Corners – Kicks which curve out of play and then back in again should be permitted.