Arsenal used to ooze class – now they don’t know what the word means, says Paul Merson

Mesut Ozil has made Arsenal look absolutely stupid by offering to pay for Gunnersaurus to keep his job.

But binning their mascot just shows how selfish and out of touch the people who run the club are these days.

You cannot believe how angry I am about this. It is unbelievably shocking at the highest level.

Arsenal used to ooze class. I don’t think the owners even know what that word means any more.

Whoever made the decision to get rid of the mascot needs to take a long hard look at themselves.

Mesut Ozil has offered to pay the wages of Gunnersaurus to keep him at Arsenal
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The guy in the suit, Jerry Quy. This bloke loves doing that. He was there when I played for Arsenal. He’s an institution.

My kids grew up with him. They would be as interested in the dinosaur as they were in the players. Their faces would light up.

It absolutely does my head in that they’ve got rid of him just to save money. How many other clubs, ones in the lower leagues who are really struggling, have done that?

Even if they bring him back when fans are allowed back in the stadium, it’s a disgrace.

It’s not just about what he does on a matchday. Think about how much it keeps kids who can’t go happy when they get something in the post from the mascot.

Paul Merson enjoyed the most successful days of his career at Arsenal

If you’re making kids happy it doesn’t matter how much you’re on a week. And let’s be honest there are plenty of higher earners at Arsenal.

The people in charge don’t care about the fans. If they did, the first thing they would have said is: “We keep Jerry Quy.”

They’ve just signed Thomas Partey for £45m. If he’s on £150,000-a-week, are you telling me they couldn’t have offered £149,000 and given the rest to the dinosaur?

The club are putting money above the fans, above the things that are important. I can’t catch my breath if…