All Premier League matches will no longer be on TV – but Sky and BT offer alternate ways to watch

Premier League clubs are set to agree to a deal which will see non-televised matches become available to all fans – but they will not be shown on TV.

Since lockdown, fans of the top-flight have been able to watch all the games on either Sky, BT, BBC or Amazon.

But there are concerns that the two main broadcasters will lose their patience, with clubs already owing them £330m over the next two seasons after Covid-19’s impact.

Chiefs, though, believe they have come up with a way to keep both the fans and their main TV partners satisfied.

According to The Sun , a meeting is being held with the top 20 clubs to sign off on a plan for the rest of October that would see less games aired on TV.

Premier League matches will not be on TV – but Sky and BT are set to provide alternate ways of watching
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Five matches in the three remaining October weekends for fixtures have been moved so that Sky and BT can air the,.

But it still leaves five more games that are set to be played in the 3pm Saturday slot.

And Premier League will make these games accessible to the fans who want to see them for a fee, similar to paying at the stadium gate.

Some clubs proposed using their own websites to make matches available to season-ticket holders – but it was seen by others as “divisive”.

The top-20 clubs are set to agree on plans to limit the amount of games available to view amid Sky and BT frustration
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With the games possibly set to be available through an app, it has been backed by the Bix Six while the other 14 clubs are believed to have accepted the plan.

Revenue from the streams will go directly into the clubs themselves, rather than networks, and should help to counteract the lost money from lack of fans inside the stadium.

However, it is football supporters who will feel the pinch of the new structure as the Daily Star…