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Assessing the outright success of a transfer window before your new players have had a chance to settle in and, you know, play, is a tricky assignment. One can only look at it from a purely administrative point of view at this stage- which areas did Arsenal identify according to our understanding and in which areas did Arsenal manage to recruit?

There is a cautionary tale about judging on any other basis. Last summer Arsenal absolutely needed a high end-product wide player and they bought one at great expense in Nicolas Pepe. It didn’t make the team any better (which is not to ‘blame’ Pepe personally, you understand). We will have to wait and see exactly how the pieces fit and allow all of the variable factors that determine the success of a transfer to eventuate.

Arsenal acted quickly on the majority of their signings. Matri, Soares and Willian were ‘low hanging fruit’ and those deals were concluded nice and early, as was the deal for Gabriel from Lille. I know some have questioned the wisdom of buying two left-footed centre-halves but I think it makes a lot of sense.

This podcast with Michael Cox explains why left-footed centre-halves have become so in demand this…