Partey, shifting to back four, and a Champions League tilt

The dust has settled a bit now that the transfer window has closed, and we know – more or less – what our senior squad is going to look like between now and January. Of course that’s just a couple of months away, and transfer speculation will begin again, but I think the winter window is one in which any potential business will be outward. Given the outlay on Thomas Partey and that it all had to paid in one go, I don’t think there’s much chance of any significant spending.

The financial aspect of the deal is quite interesting. The Arsenal Supporters Trust believe that the money which had previously been held in the Debt Service Reserve Account – somewhere in the region of £36m – was made available following KSE’s restructuring of the stadium back in July. That would certainly have helped, but given the hit we’ve taken in terms of income, you have to wonder if the ownership added a bit more – or if what we brought in for Emi Martinez was enough to add to the pot to make the Partey deal happen.

Ultimately though, how his purchase was made possible is less important than his arrival, and what he might bring to the team. I know we all crave every piece of…