Arsenal get set for Anfield again + Wenger is coming

Morning all. 

Blogs is enjoying a well-deserved morning off, so I’ve been drafted in as cover. Rather than break with tradition, I figured I’d stick to previewing tonight’s game. 

Four days after losing 3-1 to Liverpool in the Premier League, we face the Reds at Anfield again, this time in the Carabao Cup 4th Round.

While Mikel Arteta won’t admit it, this is a fixture we could really do without, especially with Sheffield United visiting the Emirates on Sunday and the transfer window closing 24 hours later. 

Liverpool, who play in-form Aston Villa at the weekend, don’t seem that bothered either as evidenced by the fact Jurgen Klopp sent his assistant Pepijn Lijnders to do the pre-game press conference. It’s hardly surprising, remember, this is the side that sent their actual youth team to get hammered in the quarter-finals last season because their senior players were on the other side of the world preparing for the World Club Cup. 

To get that far, the Reds apologetically beat us on penalties after a very entertaining-for-the-neutral 5-5 draw. That game was 11 months ago and is such a blur given everything that has happened since that I just went back and…