Mikel Arteta signals the end of Arsenal’s obsession with passing

Those days when possession was nine-tenths of the Arsenal way are no more and manager Mikel Arteta makes no apologies.

There have been too many times when they stood by the principles forged under Arsene Wenger, only for stronger teams to tear them apart. It has happened regularly at Liverpool, where Arsenal have conceded 30 goals in eight games in all competitions and not won for eight years.

Arteta witnessed it at close quarters when he was captain, suffering in the heart of midfield, and he has been determined to address it as the manager.

Mikel Arteta is determined to get wins with Arsenal, and has been changing their style of play

The Arsenal boss says one way doesn't work anymore, that you have to be able to adapt

The Arsenal boss says one way doesn’t work anymore, that you have to be able to adapt

‘I am here to win,’ he said, ahead of tonight’s trip to Anfield. ‘We have to prepare for the game by finding scenarios to win. If I am proposing something very difficult that is going to expose our team, I don’t think I am acting in the best favour of our players.’

He learned at clubs where principles of play are important, where style matters, and yet perhaps the most important change he has made since returning to Arsenal has been to…