Mikel Arteta is Fat Tony

A very quick Saturday round-up for you.

I was watching Mikel Arteta’s press conference yesterday, and listening to him being asked questions about transfers. It occurred to me, as he gave nothing away whatsoever beyond the admission that we’re still in the market for players, that the Arsenal manager is Fat Tony from The Simpsons.

Ok, he’s not fat, he’s not called Tony, nor is he a caricature of a mob boss, but his complete unwillingness to talk about transfer business in any way is very similar to the way Fat Tony operates when being questioned by Chief Wiggum.

Later, Wiggum accuses Fat Tony of murder.

“What’s a murder?”, he says.

Journalist: Do you have any news about Lucas Torreira’s departure.

Arteta: No, we don’t have any updates on Lucas or any other player at the moment.

Journalist: What about links to Jorginho.

Arteta: We are still open to improve our team, we are looking for different options depending on what happens with some of our players here so we are getting prepared just in case we need to do something.

Journalist: Does Jorginho have qualities you like?

Arteta: Sorry, but I cannot…