Every word Mikel Arteta said on Arsenal’s West Ham win, Lacazette’s contract and Nketiah

Was that another sign of the progress Arsenal are making?

“Yes, but I think we were a little bit lucky in certain moments for sure. But as well, we find a way to win it and it’s the mentality I want that the team always believes that we can do it up until the last moment. Even if we have difficult games when we suffer, we make it difficult for ourselves in certain periods, but in the end it’s three points. This is why we are here. As well, take some big notes because there are a lot of things to improve.”

Great skill for Saka before Nketiah’s goal…

“Both goals were really, really good. Again, we created some really good movements in some phases in the game but we weren’t consistent enough and that’s where we still have a long way to go. We make it really hard for ourselves in the first 15-20 minutes with the amount of balls we gave to the opponent without any pressure [which] obviously creates uncertainty. You cannot sustain any attacks well enough and you let the opponent run which is exactly what they wanted to do. Apart from that, the way the guys keep fighting, keep going and how happy they are today because finished themselves as well mentally, I’m really glad.”

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Two wins from two. Are Arsenal genuine title contenders?

“No, I think we are still very far away from where we want to be. I think if you ask any manager in the Premier League if they are happy with everything [that] is going [on] with their team, it [the answer] probably is no. We had a super-mini pre-season and we’re still adapting some things. Some players are still not 100% fit but it’s great to start winning, you have six points already and find ways to win.”

Was that one of the poorest performances on the ball?

“Yes, certainly in the first 15 minute and it’s very strange. We were talking with the staff. They [the players] had the best week in terms of decision making, quality and execution with the ball by far since I joined the club. But then the first 15…