MICAH RICHARDS: Win it by miles again and Liverpool will be the best team in Premier League history

In his first ever Sportsmail column, Micah Richards believes Liverpool can write themselves into the history books by repeating last season’s dominant title run

If Liverpool win the title this season by clear daylight once again, we will be talking about the greatest team in Premier League history.

That might seem a big thing for a former Manchester City player to say, given the rivalry that has developed in recent years between the clubs. 

I’m also making the statement as someone who was an Arsenal fan as young lad. I idolised the Invincibles and never thought they would be surpassed.

But if Liverpool march away from the pack as they did last year, we will have to give them the ultimate acknowledgement. To win it again by another wide margin would be stunning as the challenge they face is completely different — and even more intense.

The world changes after you become champions. When I won the title with City in 2012 I heard people say we failed to retain it the next year as we’d lost hunger, but that was rubbish. The hunger never, ever goes. Believe me, when you win it once, you want it again.

Hunger won’t be a problem for Jurgen Klopp and his players. I look at…