Tottenham star Eric Dier claims Lisbon against Benfica is MORE intense than North London derby

Tottenham star Eric Dier claims Sporting Lisbon against Benfica is more intense than the North London derby AND England v Germany… as the defender admits he enjoyed playing against ‘sneaky’ Diego Costa

  • Tottenham’s Eric Dier revealed which is the most intense derby he has played  
  • He claimed Sporting Lisbon v Benfica was more fiery than Tottenham v Arsenal  
  • Speaking on Sky’s A League of Their Own, he also took a swipe at Diego Costa 
  • Dier said the former Chelsea star was ‘sneaky’ and would often ‘pinch you’ 

Tottenham defender Eric Dier has revealed the most intense fixture he has ever played in – and ranks Sporting Lisbon v Benfica above the north London derby.

The 26-year-old has only played for two clubs but has already had experience of some fierce encounters – featuring in the Lisbon derby as well as regular games against rivals Arsenal

Dier, who started his career at Sporting Lisbon, has also played for England against the old enemy Germany, but believes the famous derby in Portugal trumps all three because of how passionate the fans are.