It’s going to be a big 2020-21 for….

Mesut ÖZIL
It seems unlikely that Özil will be a decisive player for Arsenal next season. There is still time for the club and the player to discuss a severance package once the club’s finances are clearer closer to the end of the transfer window. Mesut might repair his relationship with the club and enjoy one last geyser of glory in North London but I wouldn’t put a lot of money on it.

Next season is important for Özil personally- which is a shame, really, because of his undoubted talent and Arsenal’s creative deficit. Arteta could certainly use a player like that. As Özil enters the final year of his contract, it feels like we are heading into a final chapter of an exhausting book many of us have long since lost interest in.

It is a big season for Özil in terms of his legacy. His time at Arsenal has been up and down but the last couple of seasons have been uniformly damaging for the player’s reputation. If his Arsenal career continues to slowly deflate during this season- or else if there are further controversies- his ‘legacy’ is likely to be damaged beyond repair in the general consciousness.

And maybe he doesn’t really mind, which is his right, of…