Chelsea and Manchester United’s awful new kits join the Premier League’s hall of shame

With the Premier League set to return later this month, clubs have been revealing their new kits – and some have been among the worst ever seen.

Chelsea and Manchester United are particularly guilty, with their efforts already arguably deserving a place in the all-time hall of shame.

The Blues unveiled a bizarre new alternate shirt for the 2020-21 season with red and blue stripes as they claimed it was ‘inspired by the 1990s Ultramarine Air Max 180 and classic shirts of the past’. Everyone else has quickly pointed out that it seemed to be inspired by Crystal Palace.

Chelsea have revealed their new third kid for the 2020-21 season with blue and red stripes 

One fan referred to new the strip as ‘the worst kit we’ve produced for over 20 years’. Another expressed his disappointment saying: ‘So many good signings and they all have to play their first game in this hideous shirt.’ 

United, meanwhile, have launched their new zebra-themed third kit, which has generated scathing reviews from supporters on social media.

Twitter user @Topps1765 said: ‘Wouldn’t put my name on that embarrassment of a third kit, not even if I got it for free’ and another tweeted: ‘Who…