Ogundipe Disregards Minister, Attaches Staff To Visitation Panel

Despite the warning of the Minister of Education for the University Management not to interfere with the activities of the Visitation Panel, the recused Vice Chancellor has attached his Protocol Officer, Nonye Oguama and his legal officer to the Panel.

Oguama has been seen romancing the Secretary to the panel, Ekanem since the Panel resumed work on Monday. They determined who to attend the public sitting which has been done largely to favour the Ogundipe group.

There is a likelihood that Oguama planted tape recorder in the Council Chambers for information about all invited to the Panel.

Information from a reliable source has confirmed that the Recused Vice Chancellor, who had pleaded for mercy on his first visit to the Panel on Monday returned on Friday evening to manipulate other members of his team invited.His return was in connection with the facts of his mismanagement and explanations of Dr. Babalakin and other members of the Council.

Professors Leshi, Chukwu, and Oboh were also seen in the Council Chambers on Thursday evening.Mrs. Folami, a Principal Assistant Registrar, who almost frustrated the Dagari Panel’s report that indicted her principal, Prof. Ogundipe, as the…