United haven’t learned, Arteta is making Arsenal the real deal and Serie A edges ahead of La Liga

It feels strange to already be reflecting on pre-season given that the Champions League final happened just over one week ago, but here we are ready to jump head first into a fresh campaign.

The skewed football calendar, due to the coronavirus postponement, means the game all across Europe finds itself in unprecedented waters but must surge ahead in order to return to a semblance of normality.

So far we have already seen certain sides splashing the cash like never before, while rivals around them are standing still. 

Over in Spain the Barcelona empire is crumbling to its storied foundations, while the race for Serie A to finally be competitive again is increasing.

As fans make the first small steps on their return to the stands and footballers touch back down from some rather questionable holiday destinations, Sportsmail digests the key things we have learned so far from pre-season… 

Chelsea mean serious business

Frank Lampard was told he could unleash the chequebook following a successful debut season with a youthful Chelsea side, and the club legend certainly hasn’t wasted any time.

Following the expiration of a transfer ban, we are seeing the Roman Abramovich Chelsea of old -…