Lionel Messi leaving is an impossible wound to heal but nobody can say Man City is wrong decision

Toni Juanmarti’s uncle signed him up as a Barcelona club member when he was just four years old. 

Now 30 and a long-serving season-ticket holder at the Nou Camp, he has watched every game – either on television or live – since Barca played PSV Eindhoven in the UEFA Cup in 1996. 

His first visit to the Nou Camp was an 8-0 win over Logrones the following season. He was in Paris when they beat Arsenal in the 2006 Champions League final and was there when they lifted the trophy at Wembley in 2011. 

Other than Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry is the player he loved watching most in the famous colours.

The truer it seems and the more real it is, it still doesn’t feel like it. It’s as if a part of my head rejects this news, constantly. 

My mind blocks it out when I read that Lionel Messi will play for another side. It cannot be.

I feel like reporting it to the police, the courts, as if it were something totally prohibited. Messi has given us so much for so long that for me, it is impossible to imagine Barcelona without Leo.

The impossible now seems like a reality, with Lionel Messi set to depart his beloved Barcelona

Nor Leo, without Barcelona. I try…