Radio days: DJ names and summer cycling

Perhaps the fittest I have ever been was the summer of 1988. Was this because I took up jogging? Was it because I trained extra hard for football? Was it because I ate well and dedicated myself to purity of body and mind, allowing myself to reach a zenith of health and well-being that was almost transcendental to the point where I could have become a fitness/lifestyle guru with my own range of VHS tapes to rip people off with help people with?

No. It’s because I spent that summer cycling up a mountain to do five hours of radio every day. I told you before about my first radio gig, and that went on for a while every Friday night. I don’t remember this story, but apparently I got a phone call from a guy called Mike who had a radio station in his back garden. Did I fancy joining them? I did, as it turns out.

The offer must have been very enticing. Cycle every day from my house which is near the bottom of the Dublin mountains, to his house which was halfway up them. There I would present a radio show on Signal 106FM for five hours, 2pm-7pm Monday to Friday. I think that was the time anyway. Maybe it was 4-7, I can’t quite remember.

The payment terms were absolutely…