Windy Winterlull Sunday observations | Arseblog … an Arsenal blog

Good morning friends. If you’re in the UK, there’s some blowy weather headed your way this morning. It was a bit of a wild night here, but it seems to have passed over early this morning.

Arsenal news remains thin on the ground. The chaps are still in Dubai. Mikel Arteta says it’s good because they can all hang out a bit. Asked why he wanted a training camp away rather than just intensive training at home, he said:

Hours to spend together, grab a coffee together, to have conversations, to have unit meetings, individual meetings, group meetings about the things we have to achieve.

To review what we have done. I have made a big review of what we have done so far in these five or six weeks, the things where we can improve, the areas where we have improved and that we have to maintain, that we cannot lose. Hopefully we can make another step forward as a team now.

I wonder have they had movie night, or a game of charades. Let’s be honest, that’d be the easiest game of all time to play with footballers.

Footballer: *does sign for movie*

Footballer: *does sign for three words*

Everyone: The Shawshank Redemption.

It’s a scientific fact that it is the favourite movie of…