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In what has turned into an eight month long pre-season campaign, we turn to the Football Association Cup for glimmers of hints of competitive progress under Mr. Arkwright, our young, prematurely bald gaffer with a heart full of vim, a head full of spunk and a trouserleg full of innovative modern footballing notions.

To Bournemouth then, home of the elderly, the rowdy student, and Mr. Edward Howe. Until recently Mr. Howe was seen as a kind of British Guardiola, a fizzing, high-energy coach with a deep desire to evolve his side’s tactics, and an ability to organise and motivate his overachieving squad. The youngest manager when appointed, and now the longest-serving, he rescued Bournemouth from relegation from the Football League, having started the season on minus 17 points. He then led them to promotion, then to another promotion, and then another promotion, this time to the top flight for the first time in the club’s history.

Indeed, such was the esteem that he was held in he was awarded ‘Manager of the Decade’ in 2015. He has kept the club at the highest level for four consecutive seasons. He is, without doubt, exceptionally talented, which is why it was quite…