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It’s Christmas night and I’ve had a nice day with my family. The fire is lit. Two German Shepherds are lying on the rug. I have a bourbon in a glass beside me. And I feel very lucky to have that, but also sad because today we lost our friend Dave Faber, who many of you knew as Goonerholic.

He had his own site and he did his own thing, but he was a big part of the Arseblog community down the years. A regular guest on the Arsecast, but also someone who was a big presence at our ‘real life’ events and escapades.

The 5-a-side tournament we had every year, he was always there. Not to play, just to watch, support, encourage, and chat to anyone who needed someone to chat to. He told stories, he held court, and he radiated a friendliness and goodness that drew people to him.

Online and offline he was all the things people have said about him online today. All those wonderful descriptors that made him who he was to so many people: A gent, a sweetheart, a rock, a great friend, a Gooner, a mate, a welcoming figure to Arsenal fans from far and wide, and so much more.

He wrote well, he spoke well, he blogged and podcasted well. His website is still hosted on a sever I own – I’ll…