Arsenal fans will love what Nwankwo Kanu has said about £72m man Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal fans have not seen the best of new signing Nicolas Pepe just yet but one legend believes they soon will.

That man is Nwankwo Kanu, who has provided glowing praise of the former Lille star.

Pepe became the biggest headline of the summer for Arsenal when he made the £72million switch from the French Ligue 1 to the Premier League at the start of August.

Whilst the fee will be paid in instalments, it still represents a record deal for the Gunners and has led to plenty of pressure on the shoulders of the Ivory Coast international.

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But Kanu already believes that the 24-year-old has the rest of the Premier League running scared. Kanu has spoken to Goal about how successful the forward will be at the Emirates and Arsenal fans will love what he has said.

Nicolas Pepe…