Selling Aubameyang to buy Zaha would be daft + transfer thoughts

Can I begin this morning with a quick message to the few people who took yesterday’s blog seriously? I’d just like to recommend they seek out a fantastic documentary called Airplane. It’s all about the aviation industry, you’ll love it.

It’s June 29th. Just two days remain until it’s July 1st and we can unveil the Adidas kit that nobody has seen, and thus announce all the signings we’re going to make. I heard from someone whose brother-in-law works with a guy whose friend knows a bloke whose daughter’s best friend works in the club shop that they’ve called in extra staff in the lettering department over the weekend. And they’ve ordered in a load of extra Zs. Make of that what you will.

If you make anything of it, I would point you in the direction of a fantastic series which gives you searing insight into life as a detective and a busy police headquarters called The Naked Gun. You’ll love it.

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