Culture change

Culture change. It’s a phrase that popped up more than once in yesterday’s Arsecast Extra, and this morning as I sat down to write wondering what to do blog about, it was flying around my head. What does it mean though? What exactly is this culture we’re trying to change?

For me, it goes back to Arsene Wenger, and I should point out that this is not to be critical of him, per se. We all know the stories of how, when he first joined the club, he couldn’t believe the training facilities. The players trained alongside students, using a hotel as a base at times, and after the sale of Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid for £22m, the boss went out and bought Thierry Henry and built a training ground.

“The feel of the place is futuristic, like something by Norman Foster,” wrote Japser Rees in his book ‘Wenger: The Legend”

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