Trebles, owners, and difficult questions

I sort of watched the FA Cup final yesterday. The TV was on when I was making meatballs and a spicy sauce in the kitchen, and I was sort of hoping for a reasonably exciting game. Not that I particularly cared about it, but you know, the cup final is a great piece of the season for me, always will be, and if Watford could maybe score first then you never know.

City have been known to mess up against small teams this season, as their recent turn in the Champions League perfectly illustrates, but it didn’t turn out like that. Watford missed a very good chance to go 1-0 up and then Pep’s Machine kicked into gear and they ran out 6-0 winners in the end. There’s no question they’re a superb team, with a brilliant coach, but man alive they bore me. I get it, I wouldn’t be bored if it was us doing that, and winning the league and the cups (but bottling it in Europe), but we’re not so there you go.

I turned off the cup final. The result was a foregone conclusion. Not even Troy Deeney, with his world famous cojones could do anything about it. Let’s face it, he’d need bollocks the size of space-hoppers to even have half a chance, City are just too good for Watford. Too good for us this season. Too good for most teams. Except the ones they bottle it against in the Champions League.

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