Arsène Wenger stresses positives for Jack Wilshere and the Europa League | Paul MacInnes

By The Guardian | Wed, 13 Sep 2017 22:30:24 +0100 | 25

The Arsenal manager weighs up the ‘hungry and determined’ midfielder as part of a rotation policy for group game against CologneArsène Wenger did not hide from the Champions League on Tuesday night. “Yes I watched‚” he admitted. “I watched a few games and the main game, of course, was Chelsea. After a while I went to Barcelona against Juventus. It raises many questions about the Champions League, the way it is organised now. We will certainly have to think about it.” What issues? Think about what? “We will speak about it another time.”Such was the way the Arsenal manager teased as he vacated London Colney on Wednesday afternoon. Europe’s premier trophy still transfixes the man who has qualified for the competition on 21 separate occasions. Wenger being Wenger, he also cannot help but suggest that things could be done better. The details, it seems, will have to wait for another time. Until then, Arsenal have other things to think about. Related: Arsène Wenger says he turned down United as ‘I love the values of this club’ He is not completely at his best but he is getting there every week Continue reading...